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In the digital marketing arena, the recipe for success is evolving. To stir up meaningful connections and drive growth in the age of product-led strategies, it’s time to shake things up with a dynamic blend of tactics. Here’s our three-part cocktail for success:

Behavioral Data Mixology:

Just as top-tier bartenders expertly blend flavors, dive deep into behavioral analytics to craft differentiated audience segments. Segmentation, like mixology, demands a delicate balance of artistry and precision. If your tool boasts rich functionality, leverage its full range to segment audiences according to their “maturity” in utilizing its features, mirroring the complexity of crafting refined cocktails. Alternatively, if your tool is a mainstay in your audience’s routine, like an identity authentication tool, segment based on usage frequency or logged-in duration. The key lies in crafting segments that stand apart, enabling marketers to tailor nuanced, customized approaches for maximum impact and resonance.

Predictive Modeling Elixirs:

Add a dash of predictive modeling to your concoction. Anticipate your audience’s next move with the finesse of a skilled bartender, crafting tailored experiences that captivate and enchant. Predictive magic ensures your messages land with pinpoint accuracy, stirring up anticipation and igniting action. Harness the power of “next best action/offer” models as your secret ingredients, blending them seamlessly into your mix to craft message delivery mechanisms that are not just informed by data, but elevated by it.

Customer Empathy on the Rocks:

Remember to add a splash of the human touch. Engage in meaningful conversations with your customers, garnishing your behavioral insights with empathy and understanding, just like finely crafted cocktails. Enhance your approach by incorporating in-product surveys, capturing the essence of your customers and mapping their desires back to behavioral segments. When gathering insights through surveys, expertly blend this new data with existing information about the customer’s segment. Continuously refreshing and refining your segment profiles ensures they remain as fresh and fizzy as the always trendy champagne cocktail


Barnali Banerji, a seasoned customer researcher with over a decade of experience under her belt. She believes: before anything else, companies should know customers as real people. According to her, winning in the marketplace is all about connecting with the human heart and mind, in addition to solving a functional problem.

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