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We’ve been led to believe this zigzag shopping style of the customer has marketers and retail managers pulling their hair out. It’s challenging to keep track of this chaotic customer journey, especially for brands spread across multiple online and offline marketplaces with D2C and reseller go-to-market motions. Yet, understanding and managing this experience is crucial. Brands need solid, credible and consistent data to monitor experiences and take corrective action and have meaningful negotiations with their retail partners. Bad experiences erode brand trust all too often and all to easily.

So, how can brands pull off consistent omnichannel mystery shopping without breaking the bank? Simple. Recruit remote participants, give them a game plan, and let them share their experiences through an online survey. They can upload photos and videos of their shopping adventure, covering all the nitty-gritty details like adherence to brand standards, product availability, pricing accuracy, promotional execution, competitor comparison, customer service quality, store ambiance and cleanliness, and checkout experience.

“But what about sifting through all that data?” you ask. No worries. We live in an age where AI is our trusty sidekick. There are AI tools that handle text, photo, and video analysis, making the review process a breeze.

Welcome to the future of mystery shopping – omni-channel, multi-location, and scalable, all with a sprinkle of AI magic. Fast, efficient, and ready to give brands the insights they need. Happy shopping!

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