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Earn your customer’s


heart and mind

emozo helps you understand how to learn and earn your customer’s attention and emotional bond. We help you communicate effectively so customers want to be part of what you are doing.

emozo supports you with a reliable way to go-live with confidence

Using AI, we capture 3 kinds of responses:


What customers look at


What they say


And how they feel

3 types of data collected increases the power of our diagnosis

Our reports are real-time, built as data rolls in. Rely on our actionable scoring system to go-live with confidence.

How does our solution help?

Using AI, we give you data to inform your intuition.


No or minimal data was used. Design intuition, hunches.


Using both expertise and data to analyze and make decisions.


Blindly following the data. No humans or intuition used.

What We Bring On The Table

We help you make high-confidence decisions at the speed of agile

We constantly expand our tool capabilities

Observe how customers interact with your designs. Chat with customers as they interact with your designs.

Know if you’re hooking the customer within the first moments

Improve creatives and focus on the right areas

Do A/B testing to compare across creative concepts

Shorten or modify smartly to save on media spend

Benchmark against competition

Why emozo?

We do the heavy lifting to make your decisions look good

Simple set up

No set up, we handle diverse file formats, have a guided test creation experience

Immediately actionable

Our report gets built real-time as data rolls in, no analysis needed. Use our score

Increased confidence

Rely on 3 types of data: attention, conversation

Privacy protection

We do not capture any PII or identifiable photo/video of the respondent