Driven by passion. Born of necessity.

The three friends who founded Emozo wanted to find a quick and accurate way to uncover people’s emotional responses.

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Our journey began with a strong desire to win our customers hearts so they would desire us.

Like many friends, meeting over coffee, we talked shop. The three of us work on different aspects of product building. Our teams were constantly trying to refine or build messaging/features/products to elicit the right customer reaction.

What we didn’t have was a simple, credible and quick way to measure emotional reactions. Capturing emotions was complex – not scrappy. Was there a tool out there that was quick, convenient for non-experts and respected people’s need for privacy?

After more coffees, chats with friends and online searches, we came up empty. No solution eliminated wading through hours of usability videos, text interpretation or using special sensors.

Emozo was born!

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